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Woodworking engraving machine carved out of the arts and crafts how to maintenance is more delicate. Carved out of the product is a perfect gift's predecessor, need us to decorate, in woodworking engraving machine carved handicrafts, has many places need to pay attention to maintenance, the technical personnel of the jinan carved listed here at four o 'clock for your reference:


  1Crafts sculpture after nor in damp places, in mian cause long hair.


  2Handicraft carving out later still need to apply olive oil on it. As this is used for olive nuclear carving machine carved works of art. Also called nuclear carving.


  3Handicraft sculpture after usable brush to clean up its surface, not in the sun insolates, because some wood after exposure will appear dry, rub off.


  4The heuristic can choose soft cloth, can also be used to light the candle to brush try carpentry carved work.


  Above is the jinan Jin Shi carved its (carved) CNC engraving machine equipment co., LTD. To provide you with the "arts and crafts of woodworking engraving machine carved out how to maintain more delicate" of the process in detail, hope that through this article brings you great help, if you have any other questions, please leave a message to us, we will reply in the first place. Thank you for your reading!