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Q:LT-1325A-200MM New type of heavy stone engraving machine

LT-1325A-200MM  New type of heavy stone engraving machine   Double processing at the same time, the efficiency is higher.

  ★adopts casting mechanical structure and imported linear orbit.big loading capacityGood movinghigh precision and long lifetime

  ★optional DSP or NC control system easy to operateit is able to continue engraving when the electricity and with the function of forecasting process time.

  ★Adopts Japan NSK bearing of high frequency spindle ,ensure to well engrave and cut ,long lifetime.

  ★Be compatible with several CAD/CAM designing software, Type3,ARTCAM .JD, Master CAM,UG,Castmate ,etc

  ★Can be equipped with water cycle working table ,ensure to process many materials.

  ★Adopts imported servo driver and motor, high speed ,good moving and low noise.

  ★Optional rotation axis,expand the processing materials and improve the added value of products.

  Performance parameter

  ❤Main models: LT-1325A-200 LT-9090LT-1318LT-1530and can be customized.

  ❤Working area :X -1300mm Y-500mm Z-300mm

  ❤working table-board limitsX-1300mm ,Y-2550mm

  ❤Feeding height:300mm(可选择更高或更低)

  ❤Spindle :4.5KW water cooling spindle ,24000rpm

  ❤Working voltage: AC380V

  ❤engraving speed:15m/min

  ❤Command: G cade,*nc,PLT,UG,mmg,ENG,U00

  ❤Machine power:1800w(不含主轴)

  ❤Control interface: U disk and PCI

  ❤Drive mode: Stepper /Servo

  ❤Clamping type:Automatic self-locking clamp

  ❤working table-boardsteel plate+hardPVC