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Q:LT-1325 Plasma cutting machine

LT-1325 Plasma cutting machine

  Performance characteristics

  ★Lather bed welded with steel structure,ensure excellent stability,not easy to be deformed.

  ★Fast cutting speed,small incision,no broken bits.on the basis of the traditional CNC system,improved the cutting control to avoid the secondary finishing processing.

  ★Suitable for low carbon steel plate,cooper plate,iron plate,aluminum plate, galvanized sheet,titanium plate ,etc.

  ★higher CNC system configuration.Automatic arc, stable performance,the arc ignition rate success to as high as above 99%

  ★Supported several software such as ARTCAM ,Type3,etc.

  ★Control system adopts the U disk exchange processing files,easy operation.

  Technical parameter

  ❤ModelLT-1325 Plasma cutting machine

  ❤Processing materialscooper plate,iron plate,aluminum plate, galvanized sheet,titanium plate

  ❤Working area1300*2500*150mm

  ❤Cutting thickness0.2-5mm

  ❤Cutting speed0-8000mm/min


  ❤Working voltageAc380v/50Hz

  ❤Plasma current60A(80A or 100A)

  ❤File transfer modeUSB interface

  ❤Work modeNon-contact striking the arc

  ❤Transmission modelRack transmission