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Q:LT-1218 Advertising CNC router

“LT-cnc”Cutting plotter

  Cutting plotter can make exquisite shape ,design and words on in the reflective film ,stickers ,paper and all kinds of materials.without using manual cutting and printing.Be compatible with several design software which equipped with various characters,animals,plants and trees,international and domestic general icon, Chinese and english word stock,and also can equipped with foreign language software according to customer demands.Can make vogue and the individuality characteristic extremely the poster,article window posters,pendants,king ring,lighters,ornaments,souvenirs,gifts and so on.is the necessary tools of copy typing stores,department stores,supermarkets,hotels,dinners and office.

  Performance characteristics:

  ★Large LCD display,operating status clear, adjust the performance handy with facility.

  ★The built-in switch regulated power supply,the machine more stable performance, the unique design of circuit protect to not affected by the voltage fluctuation.

  ★Can work normally under the 180v-250v voltage.

  ★Advanced design mechanical structure,carved a small font is not out of shape.

  ★Precision machining steel roller floral axis ,mechanical drive , ensure a long walk paper no skewed.

  ★The large capacity of 1M cache ,realize the fast data replication function ,and improve the work efficiency.

  ★Can adjust blade pressure and the tools falling speed,can easily process the thin or thick material whether drawing and engraved draw.

  ★Real-time control of motor speed ,pressure regulating ,any definition origin ,stop function and can be adjusted in working.

  ★Offline fast ,low noise ,the linear velocity ,the curve si more pliable.

  ★USB transmission interface ,more convenient to use.